Child Support Legal Services

Many custody battles really center on money. Parents in fear of paying too much or getting too little will engage in contentious disputes rather than working toward a productive outcome that protects their children’s interests.

McMann, P.A., is a family law firm helping families across central Florida, including Lakeland. The firm will help you to determine the very important issue of child support.
Both parents, whether spouses involved in a divorce, unmarried parents or parents involved in a paternity action, have a responsibility to financially support your children. Lakeland child support lawyer Mark McMann works with clients to determine the amount of child support, how it will be paid and what methods are available to ensure your support payments are fair or enforce payment requirements.

Child support in Florida is governed by complex guidelines, but deviation is possible. The firm will evaluate your situation at no cost and help you understand what to expect and how to tailor child support to your situation.

Child Support Modification Lawyer

After divorce orders and child support orders are entered, things inevitably change for the people involved. New jobs, unemployment, increased wages, custody changes and other circumstances may arise, which justify modifying the child support. If you are already paying or receiving child support, McMann, P.A., will assist you in pursuing a child support modification.

The firm’s goal, above all, is to provide service that is beneficial and personal to each client. You can trust that your child support matter will be handled in the best manner possible by Mark McMann, an attorney with more than 10 years of experience.

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