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Child custody and visitation disputes can be emotionally and financially taxing on everyone involved. Child custody may be an issue when parties are married and going through a divorce, or between unmarried parties seeking an equitable resolution to their differences and issues regarding their child or children.

At the law offices of McMann, P.A. we will work hard to protect and defend your legal rights as a parent. Mark is an expert at crafting mutually acceptable agreements that protect the client’s parental rights while minimizing the impact on the children involved in the dispute. His experience in working with child support mediators, evaluators, and therapists will be a valuable asset in determining a successful outcome for you case. When circumstances arise that prevent a mutual and equitable agreement between the parents, Mark will aggressively present your case and protect your interests in any court proceedings that arise from any dispute.

We will explain all of the particulars about physical and legal child custody, parental rights, time-sharing (also known as visitation) and related issues regarding the disposition of the children during and after a divorce proceeding. Mark McMann has achieved hundreds of successful outcomes in this most delicate area of legal representation and negotiation between divorcing parents as well as unmarried parent disputes.

Child custody and visitation matters can include the initial custody determination, modifications of custody and visitation orders, and “move away cases” wherein on parent wishes to relocate to another county, state or country. Custody and visitation disputes should be resolved in a way that is very best for the children and their well-being. Always be sure not to alienate your child or children against the other parent. This can seriously damage your case and any proceedings related to your custody and visitation outcome.

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