Alimony Assistance

Alimony, also known as spousal support or spousal maintenance is an important issue for many people entering the divorce process. McMann, P.A., a family law firm in Lakeland, Florida, is adept at handling alimony matters from all angles, including the emotions, the guidelines, the individual concerns and any ambiguity involved in the calculation. The firm represents clients throughout central Florida, regardless of which side of the dispute they are on.

Appropriate Legal Action To Protect Your Rights

Different types of alimony exist according to Florida law. Alimony is generally determined based upon one party’s ability to pay versus another party’s need. The complexity exists in identifying all sources of income for both parties and evaluating factors used to determine whether alimony is needed.

McMann, P.A., is always prepared to litigate alimony issues in order to protect clients’ rights. If negotiation and settlement is possible, however, that can be a more effective route, saving time, money and emotional hardship.

Alimony Modification Lawyer

Once a divorce order is put in place, changes may occur for either spouse that could affect alimony. Such circumstances could include a change in employment, loss of a job, decreased need for alimony or other events. The firm offers assistance for clients seeking to you modify alimony — either the paying spouse or the receiving spouse.

To obtain an alimony modification, the party must show that there was a substantial change in circumstances that was unforeseen at the time of the original order. Lakeland alimony attorney and firm founder Mark McMann has more than 10 years of experience advocating for his client’s interests. He spends time to gather information needed to support his clients’ positions and pursue successful results.

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