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What You Need To Know About Florida’s Medical Marijuana Policy

Last November, 71% of Florida voters decided to allow medical marijuana in our state. There have been several important updates to the policy over the past year. Section 381.986 is very long and can be difficult to understand. You can save time by reading our general summary of it. If you are interested in reading the actual statute, feel free to view the Florida Legislative Website here: 381.986 Medical use of marijuana.


Only Allows ‘Low THC’ Cannabis

The statute only mentions allowing low-thc cannabis which includes any form of marijuana that contains less than 0.8% THC weight by weight. While this may be changing, this is what the law states as of now.

Tight Eligibility Requirements

One common misconception of this law is that there are many diseases/illnesses that make someone eligible for medical marijuana. This is not the case. The current requirements to be place on the ‘compassionate use’ list are terminal illnesses, and conditions that cause seizures or muscle spasms.

Growing Requirements Are Extremely Tight

To be a grower of low THC marijuana, an individual must meet many requirements. They must have the financial ability to operate for no less than two years. The area of business must meet VERY STRICT guidelines for security. This includes 24 hour surveillance and requiring all employees to carry photo ID at ALL times.

Marijuana Is Not Decriminalized

A common misconception is possessing marijuana is no-longer a criminal offense. This is not the case though. The amendment had no effect on the criminal status of this offense. However many cities are adopting new policies on this offense, so consult your city’s policy on this instead of the amendment.

Final Words

All-in-all, the amendment has paved the way for future additions to the Florida law. It’s important that you stay well-informed on current laws. These laws will likely evolve in the near future, so be sure to continue following my blog to stay informed about updates. And be sure to contact Mark McMann, P.A. for any legal guidance in Lakeland FL.

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