Veteran’s Administration “Transformation” to take 2 years!

While the backlog of VA Benefits claims continues to grow (over 400,000 claims are now past the 125 day initial processing deadline), the Veterans Administration is putting a plan into effect to hopefully catch up and be processing new claims within that time window by 2015:

“In 2010, VA Secretary Shinseki made a decision that any claim in the inventory that was older than 125 days would be considered part of the backlog of claims. VBA built our Transformation Plan around the goal that in 2015 the backlog will be eliminated and we will process all claims in 125 days at 98 percent accuracy.”

We are all very pleased that the problem is being addressed, but the overwhelming majority of current claims are already behind the time table and a large percentage of the new claims are being denied, in some cases for administrative purposes (incomplete applications, etc.).  At Mark McMann, P.A. we are dedicated to navigating the bureaucracy and get your claims processed correctly, and achieve high success outcomes for denied benefits appeals.

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