Paternity Attorney Lakeland Florida

Paternity Attorney Lakeland Florida

McMann, P.A., is a Lakeland Florida law firm representing men and women across central Florida who are involved in paternity actions. The firm understands the unique needs of clients in this area and seeks to protect their interests and preserve their relationships with children.

Being a parent means you have certain rights and responsibilities. Unmarried parents have the same rights of married parents. Lakeland paternity lawyer Mark McMann represents clients with varying needs: men who wish to assert their parental rights and seek involvement with their children; and mothers who need to establish child support or challenge custody.

The firm handles all issues involving paternity, such as:

  • Custody and time sharing/visitation
  • Child support
  • Tax exemption issues
  • Fathers’ Rights And Assistance

If you want to be a part of your children’s lives and need legal assistance, McMann, P.A., can help. When the mother prevents the father from enjoying his rights as a father, including sharing custody, having visitation time or making important decisions regarding the children, McMann, P.A., provides strong, effective legal counsel. The firm also helps men who are responding to allegations that they are the father of a child and wish to contest the allegations to prove they are not the father.
Mothers’ Rights
Often, mothers seek the firm’s services when they need to initiate a child support action against the father. In other instances, mothers use legal recourse to get the father to engage and become involved with the children. Some mothers wish to prevent the father from gaining custody or visitation. Whatever the reason, a qualified attorney can help you seek results that are best for you and your children.

The firm is prepared to address your needs and guide you toward the best possible solutions.

  • The Paternity Process
  • A paternity action typically involves:
  • Filing a petition for paternity
  • DNA testing
  • Mandatory mediation to attempt settlement
  • A court hearing to establish child support or visitation while the paternity determination is pending
  • A final court hearing that sets forth paternity, visitation and child support

Lakeland Winter Haven Paternity Testing Lawyer
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